Friday, February 8, 2013

Saturday 2/9/2013

I will not be as comical as Brady.... but we are riding tomorrow....
The weather look pretty crappy sunday might as well make it longer ride Saturday.
It's going to be fairly windy.
Wind is out of SE so we will go to Glenwood/Plattemouth/Louisville back to Omaha.
That will about 5 plus hours. 
If you want shorter ride Glenwood would be great turn around spot.
Meet: 8:30 am Rollout 9:00 am

Location has Changed to BLUELINE DOWNTOWN

Road bikes or cx bikes with skinnies.  Good day to learn how to ride in group....


  1. Hopefully everyone will be chatting with WC Savery that they'll slow down so I can keep up with the group! I'll be there.

  2. Hmm not sure I want to assemble my road bike we'll see.

  3. No worries Ryan. I'll be on my heavy bike most likely with CX tires. I do only plan on making it to Glennwood, then turning back to shorten the route, though.

  4. you can road tires dont you?

  5. Why meet at Crane? It's a pain.

  6. What is your distance right now total?

  7. Yeah, let's meet at Blue Line :)

    RF, just bring your MTB

  8. I agree with Noah. Blue Line is closer to the Ped bridge, or route to take south to Bellevue.