Friday, January 25, 2013

Saturday 1/26

Hope you're ready for some hills. We've (Rafal, Bryan and I) decided a CB hill loop was in order. We're all a little time crunched so we should be able to pull this off in about 2 hours.

Where: Blue Line Downtown
When: Saturday 1/26 - Meet 9:30 for coffee, rolling at 10:00
What: Road bikes
How hard: Seems we typically average about 16.5 including the cruise in/out of town, but expect to be riding in the 20's while pacing in the group on flatter terrain. This will be my last hard day before worlds so expect me to punch it on the climbs but like last week I'll probably drift off the back of the group before hand so as not to disrupt the pace of the group.

Mark's training advice...if you're following a Friel program this would be a great Muscular Force workout because of the hills. You can ride them in a heavy gear with a low cadence. It'd be like you'd been to the gym doing squats.

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