Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Bacon/Danish Ride for Jolene, Sunday, August 7

Join us Sunday, August 7, 2011for a Bacon/Danish Ride as we wish Jolene well in her move to Copenhagen.

Meet at 7:00am outside of Jones Bros. Cupcakes at Aksarben Village.

The pace will be relaxed and conversational, but be prepared for bursts of spirited hill climbing among those who enjoy that sort of thing.  This will be a no-drop ride, with plenty of options for regrouping, but you'll have to arrange your own rescue if you can't or don't want to finish the ride.

Plan for 60-70 miles of mixed trail, residential, gravel roads and blacktop highways.  It's still hot out in the afternoon, so be sure to bring plenty of water and nibbles.  There will be opportunities to stop at a convenience store in Springfield on the way out and the way back, if the group desires.

The halfway point features an all-you-can eat breakfast buffet at the Platte River State Park.  Bring about $11 to cover your food and a tip.  Credit cards are accepted.  Here you can load up on bacon, and maybe a danish to celebrate Jolene's upcoming Denmark adventure.  There are vegetarian options, as well.

RSVP here, or on the Facebook event page (optional, but helps us plan the event).

This may be your last chance to ride with Jolene for some time, unless you want to visit her in Denmark.

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  1. Here are some photos from this morning's ride. Thanks, all, for riding!