Thursday, August 4, 2011

Sunday Bacon- Weeping water 6:30 am

If you would like a longer ride with a bit faster pace to Platte. Here is the deal. Gravel worlds is in 2 weeks. come test your legs and/or setup. Going for almost a hundee.
Meetup at Jones' Brothers
Sunday 6:30 am
Bring enough money/supplies to last for 5-6 hours.
We will stop at weeping water and plattsmouth to refuel.
I've never been there berore but I managed to find mmr section
here the map. see you there ...
all are welcomed... If you want to fall back there will be another group of us behind us going slower shorter route.


  1. That sounds like fun, and I'd try to hang with you guys if I wasn't already riding that day. Maybe we'll cross paths somewhere along the way.

    I'm curious to hear back on how that southerly loop through Weeping Water works out.

  2. Route looks good. Standard rollers but not a lot of climbing for that length of a ride. Looks like a good one.