Thursday, March 3, 2011

Weekend Group Rides

Saturday 10:00 a.m. - Meeting at Jones Bros. Cup Cakes - heading NW out to the Mount Michael race loop, plan on three + hours. Road bikes both A and B groups.

Sunday 11:30 meet at Blue Line Coffee and head out to the Beebee Town - Mo Valley loop, plan on four hours. Road Bikes, both A & B groups.

Show up 30 minutes early for coffee.


  1. Shim, is that plan on 3+ hours Saturday but its going be around 3 or plan on 3+ hours because its going to be 5 hours?

  2. The wind Sunday is SE maybe we should go to glenwood instead

  3. Shim, what route were you going to take out to Bennington on Saturday...Some of us West O! guys could meet you out on the road.

  4. OK, Ok, too many damn questions, Saturday should be plus or minus 3 hours, I can only say what it normally takes me, group dynamics will make for variability, I was thinking we would go out the Wed night ride route to Bennington road to the race loop and then back if the group is fast we may add on, if it's slow we may subtract, I don't map these out like Mod (I don't tweet or do Face Book, I'm too grown up for that). If the group decides we want to go longer, we'll go longer, shorter=shorter. All rides are subject to change, even though the new Beebee Town - Mo Valley Route is now my favorite I'm open to change based on weather conditions, I just want to make sure we get a minimum of four on Sunday. I really just wanted to get a start time and place out there, if your a wennie get there early and ride with the Tiggers.

  5. P.S. if you plan on the Green Street RIde grow a really bad beard and wear really tight straight leg jeans, you'll fit it perfectly and be ready for Green Sprints.

  6. Looking like I'll probably make it on Saturday. See you early for coffee.

  7. So, three turned into four, sorry that's the way it goes.

    Several people mentioned on today's ride that if you didn't know me you might take some of the comments above as mean. I'm pretty sure that my Tigger friends who know me will know I'm joking.

    As for the straight legged, bearded, fixed geared, non-resistance sprinting folks, you should just consider this training for all the abuse you can expect from society in the future.

  8. "the abuse you can expect from society in the future."

    That's funny

  9. Oh Shim. I'm not quite sure what Greenstreet has done to get your lycra in a knot but it fascinates me that you are so familiar with our little shop! Thanks for studying up.

    Not every store in Omaha needs to be race specific; Trek Stores are great for that and we really don't have anything bad to say about you guys. In fact, I send folks that way from time to time. I'm going to assume that you're joking around when you talk about us in a negative light, considering you've never really spent much time at either Greenstreet or Greensprints. We're having fun trying to provide some fun alternative winter events and it's makes me giggle hearing you so worked up about it. Not everyone just wants to ride a trainer in their basement or get excited about ice beards.

    However, I suppose any time the word Greenstreet gets posted, it's publicity for our tiny local shop. So thanks for that. See you on the road!

    What a nice community oriented, unbiased blog!