Thursday, March 3, 2011

Democracy Park to Ft. Calhoun and Boyer Chute: 12:45 on Saturday, March 5

My family has obligations on Saturday morning, so I'll have to miss whatever chaos and suffering MOD and Rafal unleash this weekend.

However, I still need to get 3 hours of saddle time, so I'll be leaving Democracy Park at 12:45 that afternoon for this route:

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I'm still slogging through the base miles phase of my training, so I'll be rolling along at ~18 mph on the flats and climbing pretty leisurely up the hills. Anyone with decent fitness should be able to keep up as long as they stay properly fueled, hydrated, and sheltered from the wind.

The route is around 48 miles round-trip from Democracy Park and features about 3,700 feet of elevation gain. I'll stop in Ft. Calhoun to take on water.

Please comment if you plan to join.


  1. I'm planning on it, but may have something come up. Hopefully we'll have a good B group ride here.

    I will be sad once everyone is in their fast phase and all group rides will become mini-races. Very, very sad.

  2. Lucas and I are going to LNK Saturday. I hear there is ride on Sunday starting downtown on Sunday i will probably ride some of it and then go to glenwood and 195, bellevue blvd back home