Saturday, March 26, 2011

Sunday Mo Valley-Bee Bee Town

In honor of the onslaught that are the Flandrian classics, we're planning on heading up to Mo Valley tomorrow. Staying in the mostly flat valley to Mo Valley and then returning through the Hellingen on the way home.

What: Road ride to Missouri Valley, back through Bee Bee Town & Council Bluffs
Where: BK Pedestrian Bridge
When: Sunday, 11:30am rollout, coffee at Blue Line 11ish
How Long: 65 miles, expect a difficult last half
How Fast: 20 mph average

The Route: Mo Valley 65
The Weather: Plan on 35 degree temps at start with 10mph winds out of the east. Temps aren't expected to go above 40 and it'll be pretty cloudy.
Escape Routes: This ride will start out predominately flat with just a few bergs (hills) in the early going. Then we will hit some major hills during the last half. Crescent will be a good turnaround point for a 20 mile day, Missouri Valley turnaround will give about 50 round trip. Past that you're pretty much all in and we won't be waiting a whole lot.

The late start time should give us plenty of time in the morning to catch the finish of Gent-Wevelgem too!


  1. Ill lead a b group if any one is interested.

  2. OK, Leah. I've been off the bike for 5 days, so I'll try to keep up.