Monday, March 28, 2011

IT'S ON! The one you've been waitinig for.

Wednesday Worlds Road ride @ Trek Bicycle Store Omaha (Midtown),
5:30pm, A Group ride begins March 30th, B Group will start mid to late April (or when Franko feels like it).

Ride Specifics:
Tempo: High average speeds of 20-23 mph
Regroup: We may regroup on Hwy 36 and 72nd street but not for long, we will stop to refuel in Ft. Calhoun paying a visit to Brady's friend Shelly.
What: Paved road ride with rolling hills and a couple of long climbs.
Where: Trek Omaha - Midtown
When: 5:30 Until Mid April, then 6:00
How Long: 46ish miles
Group: Race level, echelons and pace line,
Helmets and proper cycling clothing required, please do not show up without a shirt, while we are all very impressed, nobody wants to see your awesome farmers tan.

If your new to the ride please speak up, we don't want anyone getting lost, but if we don't know we can't be held responsible.

Trek Store is kind enough to let us start there, they are in no way responsible for your safety. You are responsible for you, please come prepared.

The shop is still open at ride time, please be respectful and save the "Rockstar" parking spots for customers.


  1. As an addendum:

    1. Bring a tail light. It will be getting dark toward the end of the ride.
    2. Be SAFE. Don't sprint into traffic, swerve around or otherwise be a total sketch-ball.
    3. Be respectful of the rules of the road. Don't run stop signs, stop lights or otherwise blatantly disregard traffic rules. We've had incidents with drivers out on Omaha Trace Road, due in no small part to taking up the entire lane (which is unnecessary) and spilling over the yellow line (which is just plain dumb). When in doubt, don't do it.

    That is all. Enjoy the ride.

  2. Bryan, will this be your first outdoor ride of 2011? just wonderin'

  3. I'd be willing to bet I have as many or more outdoor miles this year than you, Dave. Moreover: shut up.

  4. Boy, boys, this is a time to rejoice, no bickering.

    P.S.Bryan, can I get some of that action?

  5. for the people in midtown/dwontown area I'm planning on taking florence blvd back instead of going to the store. save some precious daylight and not ride home in the dark