Thursday, February 10, 2011

Tarmac Ride February 12th

Here comes the melt down. Goodbye gravel, hello tarmac (at least for a week or two). Temps look like they'll peak in the 40's this weekend. You'll want fenders if you've got them, wishing I still had my Cronus instead of my Madone for these rides.

Regardless, you'll want a road bike this weekend, or your CX bike with slick skinny tires. This weeks edition will leave from Jones Bros. Cupcakes at Aksarben Village, come early if you want a pre-ride espresso. From there we'll head south on the Keystone and swing by Shim's house. So if you don't want the mega Miles you meet the Aksarben group at Shim's. We'll stop in Ashland or Louisville, more likely Louisville for re-fuel. As always, we'll end with coffee talk, most likely at Jones Bros.

As always, this is not a no drop ride. You are responsible for you. Water, food and flat repair essentials are your responsibility. Here's a list of repair items you should have.

  • Spare tube
  • Tire levers
  • Pump or CO2 - Do you know how to use your CO2 inflator?
  • Patches - incase you double flat, and with all the gravel on the roads there's a pretty good chance of that happening
  • Multi-tool
I can't believe I just had to type that list...

Here's the details...

B Route: Schram-Springfield 68 - averaging 18-20 on the flats and a lowest common denominator on the hills. Drafting's encouraged when possible, but we'll be regrouping when it's not.
What: Paved road ride with rolling hills
Where: Jones Bros. Cupcakes, Aksarben Village
When: 9:30am at Jones Bros. or 10am at Shims house
How long: 90 miles
How fast: 19-20 mph average
Group: Race level, echelons and paceline


  1. Any talk of a B group option for those of us wanting a metric century or less?

  2. I have an extra loop going to Schram and back across Buffalo Rd. You can cut that out and it will knock the mileage down 10 miles.

    Or here's a metric centruy option...

    You leading Mike?

  3. I can do that if Eric is not up for it. Or maybe we can be co-leaders?

    Does the B group ride a mellower tempo, or is it just a mileage difference? I'm good with either.

  4. Whatever you guys want. I'd imagine the pace will be relatively chill out to the point where you guys would turn off.