Thursday, February 10, 2011

Saturday "B" route

I'll take the "B" group this Saturday. Munson, you're on point.

Here's the thing: "B" riders who are comfortable with drafting can usually sit on MOD's pace at this time of year until we hit the hills. That's when I fall off the pace; I'm not letting myself go lactic just to stay with those guys. Nor do I have 90+ miles in my legs.

So, we'll do the 68 miles, averaging 18-20 on the flats and a lowest common denominator on the hills. Drafting's encouraged when possible, but we'll be regrouping when it's not.


  1. E, we'll keep the group together out to Flying J when you guys split off.

  2. Eric, can I still co-captain? Also are you starting from Shims or Jone's Bros? We should have a good size B group.

  3. Of course! Jones Brothers. I think we'll be able to keep everything together until the Flying "J."