Thursday, April 3, 2014

Sunday Greenstreet Velo Club rides start this SUNDAY!

Hello Greenies and ALL Omaha Cycling peeps, Got a road bike, cross bike, or TT bike and a helmet? Then you're ready to ride this Sunday! The Greenstreet Velo Club weekly Sunday rides begin the first Sunday in April, and conclude the last Sunday of October. The ritual is the same. Meet at the Blueline Coffee located at 14th & Cuming downtown by the Greenstreet bike shop. Be there at 9 AM and enjoy a cup of Joe before we roll out at 9:30. This is a moderately fast ride that usually breaks into A and B groups, but we provide a sweeper with the B group and reconvene at several points during the ride. The ride is usually about 30-40 miles. The route is decided the day of the ride with wind direction being a major factor. Everyone welcome, so recruit your friends. Thanks to The Lerner Company, to Vrana Construction and Greensteet Cycles for sponsoring our club this year and advancing bicycling in the Big O! See you Sunday! El Guapo

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