Monday, December 16, 2013

it's almost that time

that's right people it's almost that time of the year.
It seems i only use this blog in January and February.
The weekend base mile rides will get rolling again  12/28/2013 until it will get warm enough  to ride road bikes outside.
Couple of quick reminders/refreshers to keep in mind.
  • Clothing dress appropriately ( Mark wrote this couple years ago, i find it as good starter guide)
  • Stuff to fix your bike and ability to fix it
  • Helmet (this is  required)
  • Money for tolls food etc
  • Bring enough food water for your needs
What can you expect
 There are not   "no  drop rides"  We will regroup but you  are expected to  know your exit points and how to get home. You are repsonsible for yourself.
You are expected to follow rule of the road and group ride etiquette
  •  Ride on the  right side of the road.
  • Be able to ride in  double paceline and close proximity to people
  • Don't be Jerk
  • Follow posted road sign and regulations
That's it will see you in 2 weeks.

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  1. What time does the ride start and from where does it start?