Monday, March 18, 2013

Midwest Cycling Community Wednesday Night Worlds

Well, some big changes to this years WNW, the first and biggest is the start location. In order to avoid potential trail user conflicts we'll be starting this years ride from the National Parks Service Parking lot which is located directly South of the Bob Kerry Bridge. This will also open the ride to routes in Iowa (in addition to our normal route).

Location: National Parks Service, please show up ready to ride, there isn't really a good place to change or fill water bottles so come prepared. Also, the Park Services or WNW is not responsible for your vehicle or belongings left in your car.

Time: 5:30 sharp

Distance: 42 miles
Disclaimers: this ride is taken at a competitive pace, please make sure you know the route, how to get home and have everything you need for roadside repairs. The ride will observe all traffic signals, stop signs will be expected to do the same.

Route: the ride will include Ponca Hills, Boyer Chute, Ft. Calhoun, and the Omaha Trace,


  1. Thanks for the info, Shim.

    Do any of you who usually do this have links to route files I could download to my Garmin? I think my legs are likely to fail to keep pace on your climbs.


  2. Hard to for folks to "know the route" when it hasn't been finalized yet ;)

  3. True. I should have posed the question along the lines of garmin files of common routes including "Ponca Hills, Boyer Chute, Ft. Calhoun, and the Omaha Trace."

  4. once the route is finalize I will share it. WE still trying to figure out couple of of intersections. Currently we stop at confusing spots

  5. I think for this week we'll try to regroup enough to make sure nobody gets lost.

  6. Sydney: Here's the route we took last week. Though it is not the actual route. It would get you back to the start (and includes the places you mention) ...

  7. Thanks Fred. That'll be helpful.

    Shim, I've got another thing going on today, but I'm aiming to tag along sometime soon. Thanks for posting the info.