Friday, March 1, 2013

Going long, the hail mary ride

This might get ugly, lots of miles, lots of hills, but lets start from the beginning. Seeing how we're gluttons for punishment we decided to fire another century for back to back weekends. But you're in luck as you can duck out of the final 25 if you desire. Here's the deets.

Where: Crane Coffee, 60th & Center. Why? They have great coffee, and Lucas hates starting from there.
When: 9:30 for coffee, rolling at 10:00
What: Road tires, bike your poison if you're on your cross or road bike. Me? CX 24-7-365
How Hard: Expect an average speed of around 17 but pace will be a pretty steady 18-20 out on the open road. Know the route and be prepared if you lose contact with the group.
Weather: Not great but not bad, expect temps just above 20 at start time, peaking just above 30. minimal wind.
Extracurricular Activity: Watch the Strade Bianche, only the coolest gravel race in the world. And don't forget about Sundays Bike Swap hosted by the Omaha Pedalers Bicycle Club

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