Thursday, June 7, 2012

Greenstreet Velo Club Sunday Ride

T-perry will lead the Sunday ride this week. He's eager to get back in shape after his nasty spill in Florida. Last week, we did the future King-of-the-Mountains loop, some 23 miles of leg-busting, teeth-gnashing pain. Hopefully, T-perry will arrange something a little milder for this week's ride. We'll be looking at something around 30-40 miles. Start sipping java at 9 AM at Blue Line downtown at 14th Street, followed by launch at 930 AM. Sunday's high is 91, so it should be a SPF-30+ type of day. Come down and join in the fun. Open to all Omaha roadies/cross bike riders, racers and recreational riders, young and old, trim and less-than-trim, slow and fast, alphas or omegas. Add some spice to your ride! What you wear says alot, especially for bikers. Can you identify the owner of these fit pegs and wild sox?

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