Friday, April 6, 2012

Saturday Road Ride from Aksarben Village

We haven't done this route yet this season. Definitely my favorite route to get to Blair. Be warned there is a small section of gravel connecting two paved bits so plan your tire selection carefully. I see a ton of people training on way too nice of wheels, just sayin'. And by plan carefully I don't mean ride a CX tire, I'll be on 23c Bontrager RXL Hardcases, but there is a possibility of a half mile or so of fresh white rock.

What: Road ride, race pace at times
Where: Jones Bros. Cupcakes, Aksarben Village
When: Saturday, 10AM roll out, come early for coffee
How Long: 70ish miles
How Fast: 15-17 to start, steadily increasing to 20-25 after half distance. Pace will be really hot from Blair to Ft. Calhoun, we'll regroup in Ft. Calhoun at mile 35

The Route: Blair-N. Omaha-Ft. Calhoun
The Weather: Northwest wind, gusting to 25. Starting temp in mid 50's peaking out around 65
Additional Routes: The second half of the ride back up to Ft. Calhoun adds the last 20 miles, take it if you want some extra miles and climbing, leave it if you don't.

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