Monday, January 23, 2012

Rules addendum

Just to clarify couple of things
Helmets are required on all the ride posted here. You want to ride without a helmet... that's cool just do it on your time where I don't see you.  It's not cool and gives us bad name.
Riding single file or two abreast should be practiced 
This is for safety of your fellow cyclist but also the drivers.
No they are not trying to get you... You are in the middle of the road...
See you all next weekend.


  1. "As far to the right as is practicable and safe." I think that's the gist of Nebraska law. There's something in there as well about not impeding traffic, which is why riding two abreast on an empty road is perfectly legal--bikes constitute the traffic, in that instance.

  2. Thanks Rafal, I agree.

    I'd like to further that riding two abreast on a busy road, eg the Old Lincoln highway, is not only arrogant but just plain stupid. Let's try not to piss off anyone unnecessarily.

  3. For reference, here are the Nebraska statutes governing bicycle operations:,317

    There's quite a bit left open to interpretation based on conditions about where a bicycle may ride. However, it's specific about restricting riding two or more abreast. Personally, I think two abreast shuold be fine when the conditions warrant it, namely when there are multiple lanes of travel in the same direction or little to no traffic on a wide, clear road.

    As you all say, the main idea is be safe, use your brain, and don't be uncool.