Saturday, July 9, 2011

Pre-Dawn Bacon Ride, Sunday, July 10

Who: Anyone who wants to ride a mix of gravel and streets and to gorge on a breakfast buffet

What: A ride to Platte River State Park for a quick breakfast, then back to Omaha.  Plan for about 70-75 miles.  Pace will be 12-18mph (a wild guess).  Maybe slower on the climbs and faster on the descents.  This is intended to be a social ride that moves swiftly enough to get some sweat flowing.  Bring $12 for breakfast and a tip.  Be prepared to pay up to $4 for park entry.  Sometimes they charge, sometimes they don't.

When: Sunday, 5:30am.  We hope to be back by noon, at the latest.

Where: Jones Bros. Cupcakes at Aksarben Village  (Note: Aksarben Village has a farmer's market on Sunday.  Be careful where you park, if you drive out.  I've seen them tow cars to make room for tents.)

Why: Duh.

How:  However you want.  Chris and I will be on gravel bikes.  I've seen awesome dudes do this on road bikes with 18mm tires, as well as beefy mountain bikes requiring twice the effort.  I can loan a set of 25mm treaded Panaracers and a set of 28mm slicks if that will encourage road bike people to come along.


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Image credit: Lines, Legs, and Spokes