Thursday, June 16, 2011

Wed Night Ride - Protocol

OK, so the ride has gotten to the point that its probably a good idea to lay down some rules. Cuz in the immortal words of Spicoli, "If we don't get some cool rules pronto, we're just gonna be bogus too."

#1) Keystone etiquette: the ride has gotten to the point where its just too big for all of us to ride together up the Keystone. So, going forward we will need to break up into groups of 5-6 riders from the shop to the end of the trail at Ft. Street. We'll regroup there and roll out together once all riders have arrived. When the trail is crowded please ride single file.

#2) Road Rules: We need to keep the group as compact as possible, limit riding to no more than two abreast. If you are not capable of pulling through please stay behind the rotation, when you get stuck in the middle of the group it causes confusion and is dangerous to everyone.

#3) Traffic light, signs, etc: We need to obey these. If we show up to a busy intersection with cars stopped for the light, we need to fall in line and wait our turn. It's not worth the risk you take to put 15 seconds on the rest of the group.

This is not a dig directed in any particular direction, its great to have fun let's just do it safely.

See ya Wednesday.

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  1. These are all good ideas, esp. the splitting up on the Keystone Trail. We're getting to be a hazard for the other trail users, and that isn't fair to them. So we should definitely slow down, split up, and ride single file. And, yes(!), if you can't pull through, then don't get in the rotation. Yes, I've been guilty of not being able to pull through(and been yelled at for it, deservedly), but if I can't make it once, then I don't keep sticking my nose in. Work with the next group behind; you'll probably get more out of it anyway. I guess the main point is for us all to be more considerate, which is always good advice. Good post, Greg.