Thursday, May 19, 2011

Elkhorn Valley Cycling Thursday Night Rides

Elkhorn Valley Cycling has two road rides every Thursday night, one in Omaha and one in Norfolk.

The Omaha ride is at 6:00pm and leaves from The Bike Rack. Two groups will head out: Group A will be for those looking for higher intensity and longer distances. Think harder and faster. This group will be led by members of The Elkorn Valley Cycling Club. Group B will be for all those looking for a more moderate ride. This group will be led by members of The Bike Rack Cycling Club and the Elkhorn Valley Cycling Club.

The original EVCC TNR is in Norfolk and is similar to the Omaha ride with an "A" and "B" group. Both groups leave at 6:30PM from behind Cleveland Bike and are led by members of the Club. Watch for last minute updates.

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