Friday, May 27, 2011

Bacon Ride Sunday 6:30 am

It's this time of the year. Dorothy at the lodge has been making bacon whole week, just for us.. Here is the deal meat at Aksarben village 6:30 am roll out to Platte eat some bacon ride home.
Couple of things, please take this under consideration. While the ride is open to everyone it is 70 miles of fairly hilly terrain if you bail you are on your own.
this is NOT no drop ride. We might regroup/we might not there is only one stop that is certain and that is the lodge at Platte.
There is fair number of mechanics/bike shop employees on this ride this doesn't mean they will fix your bike if it's broken down. Be prepared to fix your own bike....
With that being said. I hope to see everyone Platte. Lincoln crew will be giving out free high fives to all who attend... They only good for Sunday


  1. I have one question, in three parts:

    a) What type of bike should one bring?

    b) And pending bike choice, will there be some dirt loops at Platte?

    c) And pending that, how technical is the trail?

    You have five minutes to complete this section of the test before I ask to put your pencil down.


  2. Unfortunately, I won't be in for the whole ride on Sunday. I can't stay out that long this week. However, I was planning on a 40-50 mile all-road ride starting around that same time. Perhaps we will ride out with you and turn back at Springfield.

  3. brady,
    cross bikes if you wan to ride your cross bike at Platte knock yourself out it has been done before

  4. Nie odpowiedziałeś na pytanie trzecie. Przykro nam przyjaciela, ale nie powiodło się.

  5. For reassurance, I translated that this will be a gravel ride, right?

  6. What time do you plan on arriving at the lodge?

    Not to take away from the gravel tradition of the bacon ride, but would anyone be interested in an all road or mtb group option?

  7. The rain today makes me wonder what the gravel will be like tomorrow. Does it dry pretty quick, or are fenders going to be required?

  8. it will be mixed surfaces/if it rains will take roads over there otherwise plan on gravel.
    see you in the morning.
    if you like to run fenders go ahead....

    we got 40% rain probability at 6 a m according to!graphs;q=Omaha,+Nebraska,+United+States, that's noaa data.

  9. WeatherBug now says 69% at 6:00.

  10. the rain has passed we a re go will determine surface at aksarben village ... see you there