Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wednesday Night Worlds "B" addendum

I'm in the midst of a rest week, but I still want to log some miles, so I'll roll out with the "A" group from the Midtown Trek Store tonight at 6:00. I'll stay with them until the first big climb and then sit up and continue at ~17-21 mph while following the normal route into Fort Calhoun, through the Boyer Chute, and along River Road. Then I'll take Florence Blvd. back into Downtown and Burt St. west into Midtown.

If you want to ride but don't want to hammer at the normal Wednesday Night Worlds race pace--or you want to simply pick up some hints on pacelines or learn the route that the ride usually follows--please join me. I won't be waiting for folks on cruisers or mountain bikes, but I will regroup on climbs and make sure everybody gets home before dark.

Seek me out in the parking lot before the ride; I'll be in a yellow and blue UC Davis kit.

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