Saturday, April 9, 2011

Sunday Morning Grab Bag Ride

Tomorrow a rather motley group (no, not those guys, but wouldn't that be a fun jersey?) will gather for a who-knows-what kind of ride.  Meet at the southeast corner of Turner Park, at Midtown Crossing (Turner Boulevard and Farnam) at 10am.  We'll pedal off shortly, likely heading south, into the wind, on streets and/or trails. 

The plan is to get 30-50 miles in, but it's hard to know the pace just yet.  I've not ridden with three of the guys coming, one of whom just got a road bike and started commuting last week, so I have no idea of what to expect.  I'll list the known bikes and see if that puts things in perspective.

  • Scott - Cross bike with 28mm tires
  • Grant - Road bike with 23mm tires
  • Julio - Road bike with 23mm tires
  • Pell - Commuter bike with 32-35mm tires
  • Chris - Cross bike with cross tires
All are welcome.

If folks want to go fast, I will volunteer to stay with a slower group, if necessary.  I will, however, still want to get miles in. My initial thoughts are a pace of 12-15 MPH if the wind is horrible, perhaps averaging a conversational 15-18 MPH if the wind isn't too bad.  Maybe a wicked tailwind will give a quick 20-30 MPH on the way back! :)

Watch my Twitter feed (@scottredd) for last minute updates to the plan if weather or whatnot affects the start time.

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  1. Here are the likely routes:

    30 mile loop to Wabash Trace and back. Map and route

    50 mile loop to Wabash Trace and back. Includes a short ride down the Wabash and crossing a toll bridge. Bring a few dollars. Map and route