Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Wed Night Ride

Whose up for getting a Wed Night Ride in a week early? Since the official Trek Store ride won't start until next week we thought we'd get the legs firing now, you know BTAT2T1.

Here's the plan:
Meet at Blue Line Coffee Downtown and be ready to roll by 5:30 sharp.
Head North towards Dodge Park, we'll do the normal route backwards to
Boyer Chute, Ft. Calhoun, and the Omaha Trace back through Ponca Hills
past the Alpine Inn and heading back the same way we rolled out.

Distance: about 42 miles
Pace: 20 mph average
We'll try to keep it together but this will not be a no drop ride, please come prepared.


  1. BTAT2T1? Yeah, sure, I know what you mean?

  2. Are you doing this ride again this Wednesday? I would def be down.