Saturday, March 12, 2011

Sunday: CB Hill Loop

Seeing how's I'm neck deep in State B-Ball (GO BEARS!) I'll miss Saturday's festivities. But with Twin Bing right around the corner it's time for some hills. The plan is do the CB hill loop. A Group will do two laps, B Group (if there is one, anyone want to lead?) will probably do one.

What: Road ride with hill accelerations, multiple climbs of 15-20% grade
Where: Bob Kerrey bridge bus stop
When: 10:30am
How Long: 1 Loop: 37 miles; 2 loops 64 miles
How Fast: 19-21 mph average, A group

The Route: CB Hill Loop 37
The Temp: Start time temps will be in the mid 30's climbing to the low 40's (can't believe I didn't get to ride Friday...)


  1. Anyone riding later in the day? Would like to ride but can't make it at 10:30. Would like to ride around 12 or 12:30

  2. You could try and meet us for lap two. Will probably be coming down Delong around that time, just ride the loop counter-clockwise.