Friday, March 18, 2011

Century of the Month Club

It's that time of year again, time to start dropping the once a month century rides (at least). I love getting the mileage up early because it makes those 50 and 60 milers fell nice and short. So with said, here's the plan...

What: Road ride through Glenwood and Louisville
Where: Jones Bros. Cupcakes, Aksarben Village
When: Saturday, 10:00AM roll out, come early for coffee
How Long: 100 miles...or close
How Fast: 20 mph average

The Route: Glenwood-Louisville 100
The Weather: Stiff southeast winds are forecasted. Which means headwind to start, tail-cross wind through the middle, then cross-headwind for the final push home. 30% chance of rain after 1pm too, so don't forget your rain cape and embro for the legs.
Escape Routes: Lots of escape routes for those not doing the full pull. You can head for home from Pacific Junction, Plattesmouth or Louisville to tweak the mileage more to your liking.

Yes, we'll miss the finish of Milan-San Remo on the live innerd-web feed, but it's not scheduled to finish until 10:45 at the earliest and I don't really want to wait that long to ride. So there.


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  2. Apparently I can't type our zip code correctly. I thought 76 with light north winds seemed too good to be true. Carry on.

  3. munson posted this on his twitter account. pretty sweet!graphs;a=USA/NE/Omaha;dt=30;mspp=450000

  4. That's sweet, it was 83 and partly cloudy when I born.