Friday, February 4, 2011

Gravel Ride Feb 5th

What: Loess Hills Gravel Ride
Where: Bob Kerry Pedestrian Bridge
When: 9:30am
How Long: 83 miles
How Fast: A Group - 15.5-16 mph average, which is pretty fast for gravel. B Group - TBD

Now follow along closely, I've been a little under the weather this week so no guarantees that I'll be along to help navigate. But it should be easy enough as the usual suspects are very familiar with the hills. I'm proposing we bump the start time up another half hour to 9:30 on Saturday. Why? Well, mainly because it will give us more time before the potential thaw. Why not earlier? Because I'm selfish and want to watch the GVA Troffee CX race that starts at 8am.

Pic: Lucas Marshall Photography

We've got a special treat for you this week too. Leah and Eric have selflessly volunteered to lead a B group starting this week. Slightly slower tempo, slightly shorter distance. The route for the B group will roughly follow the same general path of the A group but will cut out some of zig zag climbing loops that we've been using for extra mileage.

Group A Route - This week we actually get up to Mo Valley so we get two potential water stops.

Group B Route

Pic: Lucas Marshall Photography

Details are same as always, this is not a no drop ride so come prepared to take care of yourself. This means water, food, flat repair kit, etc. If we can see you behind us we will wait at the major corners. All these routes are based around Old Lincoln Hwy, so the escape route back to Crescent is pretty easy. Look at the route, know your surroundings.

Pic: Lucas Marshall Photography

For those of you riding to the start point from home. This will get us up to a hair above 90 miles this week. Which hopefully means 100 the following. Pretty stoked about that, good times.

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