Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Airport Ride

Meet 6pm @ the Post Office north of the airport. Ride on Lindbergh Plz. around the backside of Eppley Airfield. 10 mile "laps" out-and-back, usu. 2-3 laps. Dead flat, very little traffic, and well lighted (small blinky lights are recommended). Moderate pace, occasional (and optional) sprints; perfect for single-speeders who want to work on their spin (46x18 works great). FYI, it's always colder at the airport b/c of the low elevation; dress warm(er). Would like to continue until early Spring (April-ish).


  1. I'm gonna say it is colder at the airport due to it's open exposure, sitting in a low land area, and its proximity to water (3/4 surrounded by water). And likely, it is not, it is just a boring area and you notice the cold due to the lack of anything else to notice.

  2. oh, it's definitely colder. but one cool thing is that you can feel the heat from the planes taking off and landing.